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When setting off for a career at sea, many a situation can prove intimidating. No university, academy, or training center can prepare you for the reality of any situation that you might find yourself in.

Modern cadets join the Shipping Industry in a rather pivotal time, where technology reinforces its roots on both the Vessel and the Seafarer.

For this reason, and the fact that, unfortunately, a career at sea is not as well advertised or as popular as it used to be, we place great importance on the next generation, because a large margin of the Shipping Industry's future rests on its shoulders.

ELWIN's Cadet Training Programme assists the new generation to become competent and qualified future officers, setting the basics for a successful career at sea.

Our prudent Ship Managers have modern fleets; they listen, are proactive, and are keen on enduring their pool coherence.

We focus on Deck Cadets, Engine Cadets, Electrical Cadets, and Cooks for Eastern European crew (mainly in the countries Ukraine, Russia, Georgia) and Filipino crew, based on the nationalities majority recruited by our Ship Managers.

We cooperate and have developed a network of maritime academies, training centers, and e-learning providers that ensure higher and faster learning, improving your skillset, and securing your career.

ELWIN and its Ship Managers are keen on developing new talents, increasing their skillsets, and generating the future's most qualitative officers! For more details, kindly click the button below to contact us.

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Elwin Crew Management do not collects or accepts any form of processing or placement fee.
Beware of Illegal recruiters.